Nevada Emerging Small Business Certification

Are you a Nevada business interested in doing business with state and local government agencies? Are you already certified as a minority, woman, or veteran owned business? Do you not qualify for one of those certifications? Fret not, I have good news for you.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development has introduced an Emerging Small Business certification, which is open to business that fit the following requirements:

You must be a for-profit business; Your principal place of business must be in Nevada You must be in compliance with all licensing requirements; You cannot be a subsidiary of a parent company; and You must be qualified as either a Tier 1 or Tier 2, which relates to the number of employees and gross profits.


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How To Choose Your Business Address

How To Choose Your Business Address


I’m Gina Bongiovi, and I’m a lawyer who works with start-ups and small businesses. In this video series, I’m walking you through the steps on how to start a small business in Las Vegas. We already covered naming your business so if you missed that video it’s on the link below the like button. Now we’re going to talk about how to choose your business address.

This seems like a silly issue, but it can actually have some ramifications.

You want to keep in mind the business address you register with the secretary of state is public record. If you’re doing anything that you might have people who don’t really like you very much, you might not want

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Beware Unofficial Trademark Solicitations

One of my clients recently called in a panic because she had just received a notice that the trademarks I’d filed on her behalf were cancelled.  As it turns out, the notice was a fake.  It looked official and made reference to the USPTO, but tried to deceive her into paying the company that sent it extra money to revive the applications.

The USPTO enclosed a notice about these deceptive solicitations with a trademark I recently received.  An article on their website describes the types of notices to watch out for and what to do if you receive one.  In short, if you suspect a solicitation is deceptive, file a complaint with the FTC at

Also, e-mail the USPTO at, preferably including a copy of the

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How to Network Effectively

I recently attended one of my favorite networking events, the CEO-CFO Group. The room is filled largely by other people who serve the same clients I do and every time I enter the room, I hug and shake hands with a bunch of people with whom I’ve developed relationships over the course of the last year and a half. As I stood chatting with someone I hadn’t seen in a few weeks, I was buzzed by a BCC – a business card collector. This woman worked for a national bank, was a new face at the lunch as far as I could tell, and clearly wanted only to trade cards with people. She didn’t even bother to introduce herself and find out my name. It was just, “here’s

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