This month’s issue of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce‘s Business Voice features an article about Silver State Works, which provides businesses financial incentives for employing out-of-work Nevadans.

Employer-Based Training

Silver State Works will provide a training allowance to a business providing 24 hours of training a week, for a total of up to six weeks.

Employer Incentive Job Program

If your new hire requires training, Silver State Works will reimburse you for a portion of the employee’s salary during the training period, up to 50% of the gross wages, up to 40 hours a week.

Incentive-Based Employment

Silver State Works provides incentives to keep new hires employed, for up to 120 days.  For each 30-day period of employment, Silver State Works will pay $500.

How do businesses participate?

1.  Provide proof of unemployment insurance and a valid business license.

2.  Contact Nevada Job Connect Business Service Office at (702) 486-0129 or SilverStateWorks.com.

3.  Once approved, you can post your job openings through the Employment Security Division, which provides screening of all candidates.

Let’s put Nevadans back to work!