Small Business Consigliere

Business Formation

You will make some of the most important decisions about your business before you even open your doors, when you have the least amount of information. What type of entity should you form? How will you fund the business? What are your long-term goals? What is your exit strategy?  Addressing these questions with the guidance of a business attorney can help ensure you give proper consideration to the liability implications, tax consequences, and restrictions on ownership associated with each entity type.

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Business Contracts

These days, doing business on a handshake is a risky proposition. Any exchange of money or promises should always be memorialized with a written contract for a host of reasons. Reducing an agreement to writing gives the parties an opportunity to work out any miscommunications in advance and helps ensure the contract accurately reflects their intentions. Disputes can often be avoided by a well-written contract to which all parties are equally bound.

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Business Management

You’ve formed your business, had your lawyer draft your documents, and now you turn your attention to actually running the show. How do you get funding? Where do you find clients? What happens if you need to expand your workforce or your facility? How do you keep the train chugging along? Is there someone out there who can keep an eye out for legal trouble while you focus on running the business? Why yes, yes there is.

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