Running your business is your job.
Covering your legal needs is ours.

Confused about which business licensing department to visit first when opening a business? Which corporate form to select? What paperwork you need to open your bank accounts? Don’t worry, most new business owners are. We are experienced¬†Las Vegas business attorneys¬†here to help!

Check out my blog article on How to Start a Business in Las Vegas for a checklist.


  • City, County, State licenses and registrations

Entity Selection

Governing Documents


It’s much easier and far less expensive to do things right at the start than to try to fix a mistake down the road. With all the laws and regulations out there, it’s easy to make a mistake. Help ensure the success of your business; contact the Bongiovi Law Firm at (702) 485-1200 or fill out the contact form for information on how we can help you get your business off to the right start.