How to Keep Your Lawyer’s Bill Low

A new client will often present me with a thick file folder full of e-mails, faxes, letters, receipts, and handwritten notes, all in disarray.  One of the most time-consuming yet unproductive tasks I undertake is getting this kind of file into some logical order.  As the client, you know far more about the situation than your lawyer does or probably ever will.  The best way to help your lawyer understand all the nuance is to organize your file.  When in doubt, organize everything chronologically and, if you’re so inclined, make a separate timeline (we lawyers LOVE timelines) as a quick reference for the chain of events.  My favorite clients even make use of the little sticky tab thingies and make a table of contents so I can easily find what I need.  (Hint, hint.) 

If you can spare your lawyer having to organize your file, you will save money.