Post Office Box for Your Business? BUSTED.

I recently formed a business for a client who insisted on using a post office box as her business address.  I warned her that sometimes the business license bureaus in Vegas are hip to this trick and won’t approve a license at a post office box.  Part of the application process involves a fire inspection at your listed business address.  Until today, I hadn’t heard of this inspection actually being completed.

Well, it happened.  I got a call from the fire inspector saying that he went to the business location to conduct his inspection and would deny the application because it was merely a post office box.

So, be warned.  If you are trying to apply for a business license using a post office box as your address, you might get caught and have to resubmit your application.

If you aren’t ready to rent office space but want to make sure your license gets approved, check out some of the virtual office options in the area.  There are national companies and local companies that offer a business address and as-needed access to conference rooms and offices.  I use one and highly recommend going this route to keep your overhead low especially when starting out.