How to Start a Small Law Firm

When I hung out my shingle, I did it with little guidance.  I’d taken a Law Practice Management class in school from a guy who hadn’t been a solo or small firm practitioner for decades and read two books.  I made more than a few mistakes and would love to save you the error part of the “trial and error.”

I did this presentation for LexisNexis a month or two ago.  There is no charge, nothing to buy, no obligation except to listen to my lame attempts at humor and wildly inappropriate references.

If it’s helpful to you, I’d love to hear your feedback.  If you have anything to add for the benefit of others watching the video, please use the comments section to do so.  If you have questions, I’m happy to answer them.  Best to reach me via e-mail.  And if you think I’m a hack, keep that opinion to yourself.  🙂

Special message to those recent law school graduates facing a flooded job market: Despite what you’ve been told, you CAN hang a shingle right out of law school.  It takes an entrepreneurial spirit, some degree of humility, substantial courage, and a lot of drive, but it can be done.  I listened to the naysayers and didn’t open up my shop until I’d been out of school for over a year. What’s sad is I don’t look at that year as having given me the experience I needed to do what I’m doing now.  I see it more as a loss – I’d be one year farther ahead of the game if I’d just listened to my gut and done what I wanted to do after bar results.  Oh well, live and learn.  But if you have the drive, the commitment, and the intestinal fortitude to be self-employed, go for it.