Is My Nevada Entity in Good Standing?

When you’re applying for a loan, opening a bank account, or doing business with a vendor, you’re often asked whether your company is in good standing.  Sometimes, you’ll receive a notice in the mail saying your entity is in default but the notice doesn’t exactly look official and you aren’t sure.

How can you find out whether your entity is in good standing?

Check the Secretary of State’s Business Entity Search. Enter your business name or your name as owner.  What’s your status?

Active: You’re in good standing, all fees are paid.

Default: You haven’t paid your fees and your company has lost its corporate protection. By paying the fees, you can restore the entity to Active status.

Revoked: You haven’t paid the fees for a long time or you’ve done something that warranted the Secretary of State pulling your status.  If you want to continue doing business, you’ll have to reinstate the entity, which costs quite a bit and requires some paperwork.

Dissolved: Your entity no longer exists because you or someone with authority to act on the company’s behalf filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office notifying them you no longer plan to do business in Nevada.