Sweet Scared Pitbull Needs Foster Home NOW

This guy is in Las Vegas, Nevada and is in desperate need of a foster home.

From a friend’s e-mail: “This sweet scared boy is still at the Henderson shelter and some staff there have not been the most cooperative when people have brought their dogs to meet him. Seems to be some pitbull prejudice there! They have even taken him off their website although he is still there. And now they are saying he needs to go to a home where he’s the only dog even though he came in with a little Chihuahua friend. Sadly they don’t take into consideration the fear and stress this poor guy is feeling and how meeting another dog under those circumstances can cause him to act atypically.

His only hope now seems to be to have a rescue pull him. But that can’t happen without a foster. Isn’t there anyone in this city who can foster him and save his life? He is a good dog! Someone has trained him. He would make someone a wonderful companion. To foster him, please contact Dori right away so the rescue can get him out of harm’s way.” dorifg@aol.com

Check out the video that shows what a good boy he is.

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