Kate – Boxer/Pit Mix Needs a Home by FRIDAY!

Kate’s owner is relocating and has to take her to the shelter unless she gets a home within two weeks – please help!

This is Kate. I originally called her Kate Plus 8 – when I first fostered her mid-May she came to me with 8 newborn pups. Now all her pups have found homes and I have spent the last 3 months socializing her and showing her what love is.

She is a 18 month old Boxer/pit mix. She loves nothing more than snuggling and hanging out by your side. Fetching a tennis ball is her newest obsession, and will sleep with the ball. She gets along with other dogs well. Walking her was initially hard because she pulls, bit I got her a Halti harness and she is now easy to walk, and loves any outing. She loves to swim (although she mostly splashes and chases the splash).

If I had someone to care for her I would keep her and it breaks my heart that this girl is a perfect pet, she is just homeless!”

If interested, please email michellecochrane@gmail.com