Fast, Good, Cheap. Pick Two.

Lately, we’ve had a number of meetings with potential clients who are bringing problems to us, largely because they 1) didn’t take the time to find the right advisor, 2) didn’t want to pay for the right advisor’s advice, or 3) were in such a hurry they just downloaded an online template contract.

Only recently did I hear the saying, “fast, good, cheap…pick two.”  It couldn’t be more true than for the work we do for our business owner clients.

Fast + Cheap = downloading a contract from some website.  The problem here is that the contract isn’t at all tailored to your particular situation, and every situation is different.  Even those websites that allow you to enter information don’t have the capability of analyzing your scenario to determine whether the provisions in the contract are appropriate for your business.

Cheap + Good = We maintain low overhead and use technology to keep our rates affordable.  That said, we will ensure we devote ourselves to ensuring we use our best efforts to tackle your project.

Fast + Good = Because we charge flat fees for most projects, we only take on the projects we can skillfully and timely handle.  We, thankfully, always have a number of projects on the to-do list, so those clients wanting their projects bumped to the top of the list are asked for an additional expedite fee.

In an ideal world, our clients would consult with us well in advance of any major decisions.  After all, as I wrote about previously, it’s a lot cheaper to do thing right from the start than to try to unravel a bad decision later.