Nevada Essential and Non-Essential Businesses

We are fielding a LOT of calls from businesses that are on the fringe of “essential” and are asking if they

can continue to operate.

The short answer is that, in most cases, it’s not abundantly clear.

First, let’s go to the source – the definition of essential business NOT from the local news, or some dude on Twitter.  Here is the link to the Department of Public Safety Emergency Regulation which would add to Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 414.  That’s the LAW, and the source, so start here.

If you fall squarely within the list of essential businesses, which include things like healthcare operations, infrastructure operations, and grocery stores, then you may continue to operate.

Even businesses that are clearly essential must modify their operations.  Restaurants may no longer host guests for dining in, but may offer curbside pickup or delivery.

Some businesses fall clearly OUTSIDE those categories and, on Friday, law enforcement was ordered to take steps to shut these businesses down.  Operating a non-essential business during this time can result in suspension or cancellation of your license, financial penalties, and even criminal penalties against the individual owners.

The real trouble is that many businesses aren’t sure whether they’re considered essential.  “Home maintenance and repair” was included in the original list of essential businesses, but the new legal language has clarified that only “plumbers, electricians, exterminators, home security, and other service providers who provide services necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operations of residences or businesses…”

Look. Listen. (Any SSDGM fans?)  Use your noggin.  This virus appears to be spreading quickly and even if you’re skeptical about the severity of it, when people believe it’s severe and are overloading hospital beds as a result, THAT’S when we have to stop minimizing its impact.

So, be polite. Stay home. Cough into your elbow. Wash your hands. And above all, be kind to one another.  We’ve never seen something impact the ENTIRE WORLD so remember that your neighbor is struggling too.